We have developed extensive experience setting up high-performance, large-scale, AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud-based environments. So, whether you are just starting and have lots of questions, or you want to migrate or scale your existing infrastructure, we can help you get there. All our AWS Management services are backed 24x7x365 by our industry-leading Enterprise SLAs.

Once your Cloud infrastructure is up and running you can select one of the following ongoing managed AWS service levels depending on the individual server requirements, or you can ask us for a custom plan. Our engineers will take care of the day-to-day operations of your AWS cloud environment so you can focus on your business. We not only manage the AWS environment but also provide management at the instance level. So that you do not have to worry about instance security and updates.

AWS Management Services is all about deploying, maintaining, monitoring, and running applications in the cloud. Because on Cloud it’s easy for any organization to use that application whenever they want and wherever they want. We at 24x7serversupport, work with our clients to assess their suitability and help them choose the best packages for their growth. With a well-defined maturity model, we are in the precise position to take your business to the Cloud, literally.

Complete AWS Management
Design Environment on AWS, EC2 Deployment, RDS Deployment, Migration, Monitoring, Support, Optimization, & Resolution.

Smart Planning
Analytical deployment of state-of-the-art architecture, and hybrid technology.

Reliable Architectural Deployments
Auto-scaling with 100% up-time, Load balancing, and High availability to decrease downtime and synchronize chain management.

Secure Configuration
AWS security optimization using best practices with secure access and governance models of your environment to fish out suspicious activity.

Highly Scalable & Flexible Solutions
Scalable solutions for your business with cost optimization and higher Return on Investment(ROI).

Full Automation & Data Backup
Complete automated deployment with S3 using minimal manual configuration. Redundant & cost-effective technology for enterprises in case of Disaster Recovery.

Management by a dedicated team of AWS-certified professionals with fast support.

Easy Migration
Hassle-free migration from various platforms, development environments, and execution of your apps on AWS with zero downtime.

Amazon Web Services (AWS Cloud Service Management)


Instance Management

We not only Manage your AWS Environment but also provide AWS management services at OS Level

  • Operating System Security and Patches : depending on AMI (e.g. AWS Linux, Centos, Windows)
  • Operating System Management : under our management
  • Operating System Configuration and Tuning : under our management
  • Operating System Hardening : under our management
  • Managed Backup : S3 paid after 5G
Account management
  • Reliam Customer Portal Access
  •  Unlimited , Email & Chat Support 24x7x365
Security Management
  • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)    : Paid
  • AWS Security Groups    :  Free
  • AWS Network Access Control Lists (ACL) : Paid under VPC
  • AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) : Free
  • Security Certifications & Compliance : Paid
Monitoring Services
  • Instance Monitoring, AWS Basic : CloudWatch (paid)
  • Instance Monitoring, AWS Detailed : CloudWatch (paid)
Application Monitoring and Services
  • Database Monitoring, Alerting, and Reporting : Paid under RDS
  • Application Monitoring, Alerting, and Reporting : application monitoring means we can monitor website
  • Architecture Consulting : free
  • AWS Auto Scaling Management : paid
  • Application Server Management : under our management
  • Application and Database Performance Management : under our management
  • Database Administration : under our management
  • Performance Tuning : under our management
Other services we can give : SES, CloudFormation, CloudFront, ElasticCache, SNS, RDS, EFS.

All services except SES are paid.

AWS infrastructure environment cost optimization is a critical aspect of managing your AWS infrastructure. Dedicated management can help you cost-optimize your AWS infrastructure environment by providing insights into resource utilization, identifying idle resources, optimizing resource allocation, suggesting reserved instances, rightsizing instances, optimizing storage configurations, and providing real-time monitoring and alerting. With dedicated management, you can optimize your AWS infrastructure environment and ensure that you are getting the most out of your AWS investment.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a popular cloud computing platform used by businesses of all sizes. However, with the vast range of services and options available on AWS, it can be challenging to optimize your infrastructure environment and control costs effectively. This is where dedicated management comes in, as it can help you cost-optimize your AWS infrastructure environment while ensuring that your system runs smoothly.

Overview of how dedicated management can help you cost-optimize your AWS infrastructure environment:

  1. Resource Management: Dedicated management helps you manage your AWS resources effectively by providing insights into resource utilization, identifying idle resources, and optimizing resource allocation. This helps you identify areas where you can cut costs by reducing or eliminating unnecessary resources.
  2. Reserved Instances: Dedicated management can help you identify which AWS services require long-term usage and then suggest purchasing reserved instances for those services. Reserved instances provide a significant discount on hourly rates and can help you save up to 75% of your costs compared to on-demand instances.
  3. Rightsizing: Rightsizing involves identifying instances that are underutilized and then resizing them to a smaller size, thereby reducing costs. Dedicated management can help you identify instances that are oversized or underutilized and suggest the best size to help you save on costs.
  4. Storage Management: Storage can account for a significant portion of your AWS infrastructure costs. Dedicated management can help you identify which storage services you are using and then suggest optimizing your storage configuration to save costs. For example, you can use object lifecycle management to automatically transition less frequently accessed data to cheaper storage options.
  5. Monitoring and Alerting: Dedicated management can provide you with real-time monitoring and alerting, allowing you to respond quickly to any issues that arise. This helps you identify any cost overruns, so you can take corrective action promptly.

AWS Management Services is an assortment of services and appliances that automate infrastructure administration responsibilities for AWS (Amazon Web Services) deployments. The service is intended at large industries, small-scale business as well as PSM that want an interpreted approach to transfer on-premises workloads to the public cloud and then handle those workloads after transfer.

Don’t let a shortage of in-house sources with cloud architect abilities or the convolution of transferring apps to the public cloud put you from getting the benefits of this incredibly resilient platform. Whether you are creating a new cloud-native app, transitioning a present business app or building a hybrid data center amid subsisting on-premises conditions and AWS, our AWS-accredited technicians can assist.

We assist you to boost the potential of the cloud to push coordination for your hybrid IT fields and modification for your company. Our AWS management services provide a continuous, flexible, high-touch assistance that empowers your internal crews to concentrate on what’s essential. We employ native AWS services besides configuration administration tools to guarantee that infrastructure and application components scale to satisfy the end-user request. We handle all perspectives of the AWS platform and install our AWS managed services with mechanization to assure operational consistency and scalability.