About us

24x7ServerSupport is a Technical Support Company based in India. We provide technical support, server administration and server management for Linux & Windows servers. We have been into the industry for more than 9 years and has grown to a reliable technical support company. Our engineers are highly qualified and well experienced in the area of Linux & Windows server management. We provide outsourced webhosting support for various webhosting companies worldwide. All our staff are given ample training before they are put live. We understand the need of personal care to your servers. To take care of this we have the right flavour of talent with experience in all kinds of technical issues related to web hosting, server administration and security. We boast to have highly qualified technicians who work round the clock with a state-of-the-art outlook towards the work.

Since its inception in 2013, 24x7ServerSupport has always worked towards being the one-stop-solution for any IT requirement. We picture ourselves as the IT-arm for our clients and have witnessed a prolific growth the last five years in the fields of Web hosting support, server administration, and Server management. 24x7ServerSupport has been paving the way in web remote support services, so much so that our name has become tantamount to these services. The last two years we have branched out into areas such as Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Server Management Services and Consulting as well.


Warm welcome and take your seat!! You are now in the safe hands. Our experts will start crawling through your servers and will be monitoring them with utmost care once you sign up with us. Being equipped with well trained technicians and the sound infrastructure, we assure you that you could wake up in the morning with a clean smile on your face. We promise you you have chosen a team that has grown into a reliable technical support. Leave all the server management and server monitoring services of your servers to us. Most of the Linux variants and the popular control panels are handled by us. Check out the link services for a detailed overview of the services provided by us.


Most of the members in this organization are having more than 8 years of hands-on experience in the webhosting support field. Our administrators are having more than 5 years experience and they comprise of core team. Our dedicated staff has got 5+ years experience in the server administration field. We recruit trainees who have at least six months live experience in this field. We have no compromise in the quality and customer friendliness which are our prime motto. We teach our team members to be highly disciplined and dedicated so that they make no mistake from their end.