Microsoft SharePoint server is used by many companies as a content management system (CMS). And integration with Microsoft productivity applications included in Office, such as Word, Microsoft SharePoint becomes more useful in organizing data into a centralized portal with correct and centralized the information.

SharePoint managed services are aimed at ongoing monitoring of SharePoint solutions, solving technical issues, and improving features in order to maintain seamless operation with high performance.

With 10 years in SharePoint consulting and development, 24x7serversupport offers professional managed services to support our customers. We help enterprises maintain and enhance their SharePoint environment and enable them to focus on their core activities.​

24×7Serversupport gives you all stable support & all real-time resources so what are you waiting for just drop us an email at [email protected] and get your server stable or your issue resolved.

24x7serversupport SharePoint-managed services are available 24/7 and include:

MonitoringOngoing SharePoint monitoring. Quick access to the metrics such as firewall rules, network bandwidth, etc. allows us to be aware of errors as soon as they happen and take immediate action to resolve the issues.
Ongoing performance checkOngoing system performance check. We carry out an in-depth analysis of SharePoint performance and its components to detect bottlenecks, such as slow load time. Then, if we reveal problems in CPU, RAM, etc., we troubleshoot these issues.
Help deskHelp desk. We handle trouble tickets on the loss of critical data, application errors, SharePoint functionality degradation, etc. in conformity with a service level agreement (SLA).
Security checkMonthly security check. ScienceSoft assists you in evaluating the overall protection of your SharePoint solution, including checking security certificates and updates, permissions, antivirus configuration, etc.
Patch installationPatch installation. We ensure the protection of work processes and collaboration in SharePoint by installing the latest security patches regularly. To avoid any application interruptions we apply the zero downtime patching (ZDP) method. Besides security patches, we install bug fixes and patches (e.g., language patches) that improve the performance and usability of a SharePoint solution.

Following are features for Microsoft SharePoint server

  • Shared workspaces on centalized web portals.
  • Navigation tools
  • Lists of tasks and schedules.
  • Automatic alerts, including email and integrated RSS
  • Shared calendar and contacts
  • Web-base discussion boards