As per the Market Research & Statistics, it is found that more than 78% of the websites worldwide run on Linux Servers. The Linux Operating System is the most popular and secure server in the web hosting industry. The best part is downtime is not an issue but your business servers need professional server management because the more time your server is down the more will be losses in your business.

Your Linux server-based applications are the foundation of your business and your presence on the web. Our expertise and experience in Linux server management will keep your critical foundation from cracking, ensuring that your business servers and web presence is rock solid. You can signup for our professional Linux server monitoring services and our experienced team of Linux System administrators will be available 24×7 to resolve all the server issues that you face during your project development.

Technically it means that with color-coded alarms, the ability to send E-mail or SMS alarms, ability to automate corrective actions by executing scripts, administrators will now have more time to focus on other critical activities. Comprehensive reports on Availability, Health, CPU Utilization, Disk Utilization, Memory usage, etc., help administrators to do trend analysis and plan inventory. Being an agentless monitoring solution, administrators can set up and start monitoring their critical resources in minutes. 24×7ServerSupport Applications Manager provides out-of-the-box Linux Server monitoring capabilities.

Linux server monitoring service from us can offer several benefits for your web hosting needs. Our team of experienced professionals can provide you with reliable and efficient support for monitoring your server. We offer round-the-clock monitoring and proactive maintenance to ensure your server is running at optimal performance.

With our Linux server monitoring service, you can streamline your server monitoring tasks and reduce the time and effort needed to maintain your server. We can monitor your server’s uptime, CPU usage, memory usage, disk usage, network usage, and more, making it easy for you to identify and resolve any issues.

Our service also includes regular security updates and backups to ensure your data is protected and secure. With our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, you can trust us to provide you with top-notch service and support for all your web hosting needs. Choose our Linux server monitoring service to experience hassle-free server monitoring and reliable performance for your website.

Linux Server Monitoring


24×7ServerSupport Availability monitoring
  • Simple service availability checks are performed at defined intervals. We can monitor HTTP, SMTP, DNS, email and other services.
24×7ServerSupport Outage response
  • When combined with our management services, we respond to service alerts within minutes. Not only will you know there’s a service issue — you’re also assured that we’re working to fix it.
24×7ServerSupport Performance monitoring
  • To address the slow performance that can lose visitors to your site, performance alerts can be sent to our staff, who also are available through our consulting services to work with you to optimize your operations.
Server Monitoring Basic
  • Nagios Server Monitoring for PING, HTTP, SSH, DNS, SMTP and POP Services (whichever are applicable for your server) #Notifications only#
Server Monitoring Pro
  • The pro version includes features from basic plan and monitoring on processes, users, disk space, MySQL, etc.
  • NOTE: We will need to install a monitoring plugin on client servers which help monitoring server to fetch the data more accurately.