180 + 30 (Free) = Total 210 Days

90 + 15 (Free) = Total 105 Days

Original Price $35 – 10% = $31.50

Basic Monitoring is provided FREE of COST with this product.

cPanel server management is the high-class service these days required by top-class companies on a real-time basis. You can easily manage your cPanel server by cPanel server management service from 24x7serversupport.io at an affordable price.

Cpanel Server Support

Our cPanel server support is committed to offering comprehensive 24×7 programs & server administration services to Web Hosts and Data-centers. Our cPanel server support and technical support plan offerings are designed to help you get the answers you need, when you need them, maximizing your cPanel investment!

cPanel server management services provide website owners with a range of benefits to help them manage their web hosting services. These services can include server administration, security, optimization, and maintenance. Website owners who do not have the technical expertise or resources to manage their own servers can benefit greatly from cPanel server management services. By outsourcing these services to us, website owners can ensure that their servers are running smoothly and efficiently, allowing them to focus on their core business activities. With cPanel server management services, website owners can be confident that their web hosting services are in the hands of experienced professionals who will work tirelessly to ensure the reliability and security of their servers.

Cpanel Server Management


Supported Servers
  • CentOS 6.x, 7.x, 8.x cPanel
  • RHEL 6.x, 7.x, 8.x cPanel
Unlimited Tickets Support
  • 24×7 Ticket Support
  • Unlimited Administration Tickets
  • Admin Consultation ( RHCE Certified )
Response and Resolution Time
  • Within 30 Minutes Response Time Guarantee for Support Tickets
  • Within 24 Hour Resolution Time Guarantee for Support Tickets
Services Optimization
  • Apache Tweaking & Optimizing Performance
  • MySQL Optimization
  • Exim Optimization
  • LiteSpeed Optimization
Core Server Management
  • Initial Server Setups
  • Service Upgrades ( PHP, MySQL, Apache )
  • Server Tweaks
  • PHP and Apache Compilation with Advanced Modules ( mod_deflate, mod_security etc.)
  • cPanel/WHM & Add-on Support ( RVSkin, SourceGuardian, Zend/IonCube etc )
  • CloudFlare Module Installations
  • CloudFlare Support
  • LiteSpeed Setup and Configurations
  • Nginx Reverse Proxy Setups
  • SSL Certificate Installations
  • Custom Mail Server Setups
  • ClamAV Integration with Exim
  • Custom Bash Script Setups (Extra payment)
  • Updates Applied as Required
  • Fixing Failed Services
  • Softaculous & Standard 3rd Party Software Support ( Joomla, WordPress, Moodle etc. )
Server Setup
  • Host-name, DNS Setup
  • WHM / cPanel Setup
  • Services Setup
Basic Security
  • Server Securing and Hardening
  • CSF Firewall Installation & Configurations
  • LFD Alerts on Brute Force Attacks
  • SMTP Tweaking
  • PHP Hardening ( SUPHP, SUHOSIN )
  • Mod_security Setup and Configurations
  • Root Login Email Alerts
Server Migrations
  • Backup Restorations, Database Restorations from Secondary Backup Disks etc.
  • cPanel to cPanel Server Migration ( WHM Transfer/Rsync/SCP ) (Limited Data 50GB)
  • Additional Charges Applied for Server Transfers having more than 50GB of Data
3rd Party Software Installation
  • Softaculous, RVSkin, CXS, cPanelPro, cPanelXp, ClamAV, Zend Optimizer, IonCube, GD, Curl, FreeType, EAccelerator, XCache, ImageMagick, Advance Perl Modules etc.
Disaster Recovery & Hack Recovery
  • If your server is under spam or hacked with external scripts under /tmp, We will investigate and fix the issue.
  • OS Recovery via KVM Access
Server Log Analysis
  • Monitoring the Server Logs for Spam Source
  • Restart Failed Services upon Notifications (Included in Basic Monitoring)
  • Fixing Server Services having Problems (Included in Basic Monitoring)