180 + 30 (Free) = Total 210 Days

90 + 15 (Free) = Total 105 Days

Original Price $45 – 10% = $40.50

Basic Monitoring is provided FREE of COST with this package.

Plain Server Management – Let us make you aware of the actual fact in the market that today there are lots of Server Management companies providing Linux & Windows server management and administration. But what they actually do is restart the services and re-install the software instead of actually investigating the actual cause and doing a permanent fix, this is what separates our server management team from them.

Plain server management services can include server administration, security, optimization, and maintenance. These services can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each website owner.

Server administration services may include tasks such as software installation, configuration, maintenance, server monitoring, and troubleshooting. Security services can include server hardening, firewall configuration, malware scanning, and intrusion detection.

Optimization services may involve optimizing server performance, improving website speed and page load times, and configuring caching solutions. Maintenance services can include regular updates and backups, server backups and recovery, and disaster recovery planning.

Each of our team members has quality experience in managing Windows & Linux servers and has worked and fixed all kinds of issues related to Apache, IIS, DNS, MySQL, MS-SQL, etc. Below are some of the main features of our Plain Server Management service. Our server administrator will be available 24×7 to solve all your server issues.

By outsourcing your server management to us, you eliminate the need for dedicated IT staff and costly infrastructure investments. Our affordable service offers predictable pricing with no hidden fees, allowing you to allocate resources more efficiently.

Experience the ease and reliability of Plain Server Management, where we handle the complexities of server administration, so you can focus on growing your business. Trust us to keep your digital infrastructure running smoothly, securely, and cost-effectively.

   Plain Server Management


Supported Operating Systems
  • Windows 2008/2012/2016/2019 – 32/64 bits
  • CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, RHEL Server – 32/64 bits
Unlimited Tickets Support
  •     24×7 Ticket Support
  •     Unlimited Administration Tickets
Response and Resolution Time
  •     Within 1 Hour Response Time Guarantee for Support Tickets
  •     Within 24 Hour Resolution Time Guarantee for Support Tickets
Supported Servers
  •     IIS 06/07/08/10, Apache/Nginx Administration
  •     MSSQL, MySQL Support
  •     ASP.NET, PHP, ISAPI Support
  •     ASP Components, ColdFusion Support
  •     Mail Enable, Exim, Postfix
Server Management
  •     Initial Server Setups
  •     Windows 03/08 Platforms Supported
  •     IIS Administration and Support
  •     Updates Applied as Required
  •     Fixing Failed Services
Basic Security
  •     Server Securing and Hardening
  •     Firewall Installation & Configurations
Server Restorations
  •     IIS Backup and Restoration
  •     Backup Configurations
  •     Backup Restorations, Database Restorations etc.
3rd Party Software Installation
  •     All Applications supported by base Operating Systems like PHP, MySQL, SmarterMail etc.
Server Log Analysis
  •     Techs will be monitoring the Server Logs
  •     Restart Services if necessary and Required
  •     Fix issues if any of the services have problems